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Free Nokia Webinar session about developing S40 mobile applications

From Nokia Developer (source)
User-centric design of Series 40 applications
Putting the user at the heart of your app designs is the key to creating winning apps. This webinar will walk you through a design example focusing on helping a user determine where they are, to facilitate the use of a location based application for Series 40 Touch and Type phones. 

After giving an overview of the available methods for determining the user’s location, the webinar will discuss some of the fundamental drivers behind mobile apps design, such as user mind set, use context, and small screen limitations.

Armed with this knowledge, the webinar will explore practical design implementations to enable the user to estimate their location, with a focus on the ways in which you can translate technology into an easy-to-use application.

The presentation concludes with an overview of the Series 40 UI design tools and services offered by Nokia to help you deliver winning app design.

Overall, this session guides you on how to make complex technology accessible to Series 40 users.

Build a Series 40 web app in one hour 
Series 40 web apps are easy to build, and they make great information and entertainment apps that use frequently-updated content from the Internet. Using web development skills and tools, templates and information available from Nokia Developer, you can create an app in as little as one hour, start to finish. In this webinar, Michael from Futurice will show you how.

Michael suggests that you download and install Nokia Web Tools 1.5 before the webinar to get the most out of the session. That's the toolset he will be using in the presentation. You don't need to have it installed to learn a lot, but you'll learn more if you have it handy.

* Some attendees will become eligible for a free Nokia Asha 303 by publishing a Series 40 web app. We'll provide all the details during the session.

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